Reports are streaming in on the Russian Sub that caught fire, Debka Files is reporting a U.S. Russian show down in which two subs got into a conflict and exchanged fired, early reports are the U.S. sub was sunk.

Urgent consultations in Washington, Moscow on reported US-Russian submarines in firefight

 Jul 2, 2019 @ 22:24 Diane Shalem

First reports reaching DEBKAfile’s military sources say that a US submarine intercepted a Russian nuclear sub in American waters opposite Alaska. The Russian sub escorting the nuclear submarine responded with a Balkan 2000 torpedo and scuttled the US vessel. Urgent consultations in both the White House and the Kremlin were taking place on Tuesday night. US Vice President Mike Pence called off an appearance in  New Hampshire after being recalled to Washington for a conference called by President Donald Trump without explanation.

Now from Hal Turners Website this report just came in.

An American submarine operating off the coast of Alaska was REPORTEDLY torpedoed and SUNK during a firefight with a Russian submarine, after the American sub allegedly intercepted the Russian sub in American waters.

The Russian submarine allegedly sustained heavy damage in the fight, with upwards of 14 crew killed, but it made it back to its base in Russia.

I have calls into the Pentagon and to my Intel Sources seeking to confirm (or deny) this information.

No word on US casualties.

Emergency meetings have been taking place at the White House this afternoon, with Vice President Pence being called back to the White House and having to cancel his scheduled trip to New Hampshire.

As Pence was being called back, word broke in Russian media that Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled a public event he had long scheduled, and diverted immediately for a meeting with his Defense Minister.

At that meeting, both Putin and the Defense Minister SUMMONED the General Secretary of the Russian Armed Forces to the meeting.

While that was taking place, the European Union headquarters in Brussels Belgium called an Emergency meeting of the EU National Security Council and, separately, the British Government called a COBRA meeting for its government.

Texas News Studio is Reporting that there have been two EAM messages broadcasts made today as well.

There have been multiple commands from Skyking. Secret commands given!

The details are not yet known.

Stay tuned as this event unfolds.



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