Our Friends At Before It’s News.com Have New Opportunities!

by N.Morgan

Before It’s News has some very exciting news to share with all our supporters.
Before It’s News is a last frontier of Free Press and a leader in Alternative News, always open to the public. Contributors and viewers have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, express their beliefs and their positions on events of the world or just those happening in their own backyard, all in an atmosphere without censorship or limits. Now it’s time for yet another change.

Before it’s News would like to partner with our contributors and viewers by giving everyone a chance to earn extra income on our website where the stories and comments draw 3 million unique visitors a month.

In today’s environment, where censorship is thriving, Before It’s News is a leader in supporting our God given rights and Constitutional Freedoms. This is an invitation to partner with us and receive a 10% commission on all product sales you generate. You can present these products on your website, in your email campaigns, on your favorite social media platforms, in forums… the list is endless. Make money while you spread the truth!

Before It’s News is excited to announce we have now teamed up with mitocopper.com, to bring to our contributors and visitors an affiliate program offering some of the best products available in the world.

Now all sales of the products found at www.mitocopper.com will benefit Before It’s News to expand operations! We need the support of patriots around the world who are sick of the lies from the mainstream media to help us!

Here are the products you will earn on.

APeX – Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Pathogen

You’ve really got to check out our #1 product called APeX! This products is far superior to Colloidal Silver because it contains oxygen which is the world’s best antiviral, antibacterial!  Be sure you watch the videos on this product and get the 50 page report!  This product is helping thousands around the world!  If you like colloidal silver you will LOVE APeX!


First Truly Bioavailable Copper

We also have the world’s best copper supplement that is truly bioavailable.  Watch the microscope video at www.mitocopper.com to see what this stuff does!   It’s helped many people with many conditions as you’ll see in the videos on the site.

Most Powerful Curcumin Tumeric!

Our newest product is the world’s most powerful turmeric curcumin that is the best natural product on the market for pain relief and fighting inflammation.  It even helps with weight loss and mood!  You can see our UltraCur product here.


Best Humic Fulvic!

We found a man who literally searched all over the world and found the best source of all natural humid fulvic on the planet.  Read the testimonials of what happens when you give your body the trace minerals that have no longer in our food!  You’ll get more healthy and get vivid dreams again like when you were a kid!   You’ve got to try this stuff!


During the month of February, Before It’s News is also offering extra incentive dollars to the top 3 affiliates who produce the most sales.

Top Monthly Sales for February 2019 – They will earn an incentive of $200.00

Second Highest Monthly Sales for February 2019 – They will earn an incentive of $100.00

Third Highest Monthly Sales for February 2019 – They will earn an incentive of $50.00

These incentive dollars will be paid in addition to the regular 10% commission you are earning from generated product sales.

Interested? To sign up for the affiliate program, simply go to https://mitocopper.com/ and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find in the lower right hand corner of the page the clickable affiliate program link, https://mitocopper.com/pages/affiliate-program and follow the instructions to become an affiliate partner. That’s all it takes, just a few clicks of your mouse, and you’re in the program.

Once an individual has created an affiliate partner account, they can contact Robert at the toll free number 1-888-809-8385, and Robert can assist you with any questions about the affiliate program before you get started. Robert will be your technical support for future reference. To see your visitors and sales at any time, simply log into the affiliate program. We pay by PayPal during the first week of the following month. If you can’t get a PayPal account for deposit of your commissions, we can reward you with free products instead.

Remember this invitation to become an affiliate partner is open to everyone visiting the Before It’s News site. To sign up with the program, please follow the instructions provided above.

Is this your first visit to our site? If you would like to become a beforeitsnews contributor, simply click this link and create your own Before It’s News account, and become a supporter of the ‘The Last Frontier of Free Press’.

Let’s work together to expose the Fake News while earning extra money and helping others!

We look forward to working with patriots worldwide!

The Beforeitsnews Team

Author: The Governor

Site Founder, Nationalist Conservative. Patriot.

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