Mexican Troops Disarm U.S Soldiers On American Soil

U.S. Northern Command said in a statement that “five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations” this month. The U.S. soldiers were in an unmarked Customs and Border Protection [CBP] vehicle near the southwest border near Clint, Texas. According to the Washington Examiner.

The Pentagon and DHS are demanding answers from the Mexican boarder as to why this happened. What they should be really asking themselves is why just yesterday was a American, helping with detaining over 200 invaders at just one stop was arrested by the FBI. Yes, they claim he is a felon and can not have a firearm, but I have yet to see a arrest record on said man.We should all be asking the question of is our government being complacent even under the Trump administration to the invading hoards of people crossing illegally. And the Mexican government and armed forces have no problem crossing into the United States as well, and conducting operations!

This story is still developing, check back for details.

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