It’s Time To Come Together~! Join The Fight!

Never before is it more crucial than now to join forces and collaborate to save our country, the globalist are doing a bang up job of indoctrinating the masses into a whipped up frenzy of Trump/ Conservative hate. No thanks to our big name media outlets, that spread disinformation at a staggering rate… Joseph Goebbels would be proud. Social media platforms censor and shadow ban our opinions… After this Mueller investigation flop, you can guarantee that the 2020 race will be filled full of disinformation and shady tactics from the left .  They are desperate to win… We must combat this more than ever! Our future under the globalist plan will be mass immigration  / invasions, A repeal of the electoral college, changing the voting age to 16, more late term abortions, repeal of the 2nd, and of course a full fledged slave society under socialism.

Our goal is to bring other like minded individuals and organizations together to fight this plague that the globalist want to unleash on the American people.  If you have a social media group, A website, A movement to split a state due to draconian laws, or you just want to share news stories and put the truth out to as many people as possible, come and join us! has been hard at work, networking on social media, making contacts with other patriot groups, sharing our stories to bigger platforms like  .  Or Joining forces with groups like (Patriot Nation), sponsoring school newspapers. Talking on local radio shows about issues… And starting podcasts on You Tube, and other media platforms. We are committed to fighting and winning! We are actively looking to link with other groups that are like minded and want to save this country. Lets join together as a team, lets spread the truth! And lets save our American way of life!

Author: The Governor

Site Founder, Nationalist Conservative. Patriot.

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