Hong – Kong Liberation

As the war hawks of the right and the left fixate on the withdraw of Syria, a third world shit hole that will never be westernized, nor wants to be. Hong KongĀ  ( pro democracy / pro freedom movement ) is in full revolution against the communists of mainland china. And it seems once again the focus is of distraction. The NBA, of all non important issues is the main focus of anything to do with China / Hong Kong. Never mind the human organ harvesting of political dissidents, the 1984 style surveillance state that issues you a social credit score that determines if you can conduct commerce or get a job. Or the one child policy that kills most of the female baby’s. But all of this is either ignored or the totalitarian actions are supported by Chinese communist bought puppets it America.

President Trump and the patriots in America should be supporting the Hong Kong people with aid in any possible way. There may come a day when we patriots will be looking to a free nation to send us support if the worst is to happen. Keep an eye on the events that commence in the asia pacific region, according the protesters and pro freedom Hong Kongese, they are saying give me liberty or give me death.

Author: The Governor

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