Riots In France- Fight Against Globalism

Well we sure have not heard much here on our local news about the France/ParisĀ  riots. Maybe because they are not ” poor/oppressed” dark skinned people trying to invade a western country. The little coverage I have seen states, its about a gas tax. I highly doubt that. These riots are a direct result of Macron the Globalist whoring his country out to the globalist agenda and invading army’s.

With Merkel being defeated in Germany, London fighting to leave the E.UĀ  ( Brexit), the Brazil Trump, It looks like people of the nations being destroyed from within by globalist elite and their foreign army’s have had enough!

What the MSM is not reporting is these Nationalists Yellow Jackets, in France are rioting in ” no go zones “. Note that ambulance and emergency services are now joining the Yellow Jackets. How much longer until factions of the French Armed Forces join the Yellow Jackets in the fight to regain France from the globalist death grip?

Author: The Governor

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