Epstein Bombshells

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I have taken some time to let other news organizations blab about Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and raid of ” pedo island “. Of course the three letter news organizations pointed fingers at President Trump being a friend of Epstein. President Trump acknowledged meeting Epstein several times, but had this to say; “I had a falling-out with him. I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I was not a fan of his, that I can tell you.”  and banned him for Mar-a-Lago, Trumps private resort in Florida.

Besides the obvious Bill Clinton taking numerous trips to “pedo island” aboard the Lolita Express, some other big names were recorded on flight logs, including – Rob Reiner, Kevin Spacey, ( who was just recently accused of fondling a underage boy ), Alan Dershowitz, Leslie Wexner, Prince Andrew, Woody Alan, Mort Zuckerman, and many many other high profile people.

One has to wonder, after years of Alex Jones talking about “pedo island” and now being vindicated on his accusations of what was happening on Epstein’s island and other conspiracy’s. One of Jones “conspiracy’s” notably involving the Podesta brothers and pizza seem to involve some of the same players… I wonder if these are connected in any way?

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This weekend we find out that Epstein was found unconscious on his cell floor, with abrasions around his neck. Is somebody trying to get to Epstein before he exposes the hundreds involved in his pedo ring? One last name comes to mind when talking about “being suicided”… I hope that Epstein stays alive long enough for the public and the Q’s to find out who else are the major players in this child sex ring. Reports today say Jeffrey Epstein’s pilots have been subpoenaed in the case against him. Flight logs are already being combed over, this story is just heating up. Keep paying attention to the next few months, and if Epstein can even be kept alive long enough to testify.

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