Don’t Confuse Free Press With Fake News- By Nicole Morgan B4IN

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In today’s world of specially crafted fake news by corporate media giants, Beforeitsnews offers you the only free press website in the World.

Anyone can contribute articles to Beforeitsnews and their articles will be published.

Because of this, beforeitsnews is often accused of being fake news, which is far from the truth.

The website is a publisher of both news and views. Here is a site offering Citizen Journalist created free press, at it’s finest.

Offering contributors the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, express their beliefs and their positions on events of the world or events in their own backyard.

All of this in an atmosphere without censorship or limits.

While articles of fiction can be found on this website, there is even more fact being reported here on Before Its News.

Stories you will not see elsewhere on the Internet.

Once a visitor learns to use the website to locate the information of interest to them, it becomes easier to distinguish between the facts and fiction.

Take a look at the right-hand side of the Before It’s News Front Page where you will see the Editor’s Picks category list.

Articles found under the Editor’s Picks list routinely are vetted to ensure the story being told is true. Since no one is perfect, the occasional story will slip by initially only to be caught later and removed.

Then scroll down a bit where you will see the Top Alternative category list.

The articles seen under this category are selected by one of the site Editors and featured for visitors to view.

Articles found under the Top Alternative list will contain UFO, alien and Bigfoot fiction, Illegal immigration, and Opinion Pieces.

Below that, the Top Politics category list. These include well-written articles on current events and trending social media topics.

The Before It’s News main Front Page is progressive, meaning any story which appears here is driven there by you, the viewer. As more people begin reading a specific article, the higher up the page the article will travel, which only increases the visibility of the story.

Currently, the Internet is being aggressively censored, and the voices of independent thinkers are being limited and even totally silenced.

Before It’s News remains one of the only platforms which defends and encourages the sharing of Alternative News during these unsettled, chaotic times.

The entire world is on fire, and you can play an important part in reporting here on Before It’s News what’s happening in your part of the world or sharing your opinion on events happening daily.

As a visitor to the Before It’s News site, you have a voice through comments on each post and through the new forum pages.

Rather than condemn one of the last free press websites on the Internet, you have the opportunity to open an account and publish stories for others to read. Why don’t you contribute to Before It’s News, and your articles could be promoted also.

United We Stand America.

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