Democrat October Surprises Fail

It’s that time of year again.  Yes, I mean it’s nearly election day, but I also mean it’s time for the October surprise brought to us by the democrats.  Some nefarious misdeed by those evil republicans that will so inflame voters–particularly of the independent bent–that they will go to the polls en masse to usher in the blue wave of benevolent democrat lawmakers.  Unfortunately for the dems, this tactic this year against this president and his party is not working. That’s why it seems the democrat party, becoming increasingly hysterical, has produced numerous October surprises.  Let’s take a look at them and consider why they are not working.

The Kavanaugh Confirmation Kangaroo Court:  

When it seemed that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was about to sail through the confirmation process and become the fifth conservative justice on the Supreme Court, Dianne Feinstein produced a letter from a left wing activist professor claiming Kavanaugh molested her and tried to rape her when they were both teens.  It seems quite apparent Feinstein held the letter until the hearings were coming to a conclusion for two reasons. First, the letter lacked credibility. The accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, provided no evidence supporting her claim, and the witnesses she provided did not corroborate her account. Feinstein knew it was weak and hoped the dems could derail the confirmation without having to use the letter.  When other efforts failed, she was left with no other option. Additionally, Feinstein and the democrats on the judicial committee falsely assumed the charges against Kavanaugh would redound to their political advantage during the midterm elections. Their vision of hordes of suburban women marching to the polls in a #metoo trance like hungry zombies ravenous for republican flesh fell apart quickly. Images of screaming women clawing at the Supreme Court doors and ambushing unsuspecting republican lawmakers horrified fair minded Americans.  The Kavanaugh strategy has backfired. Instead of revving up democrat voters, it has lit a fire under republican voters, especially men. We are currently seeing unprecedented early voting by republicans which is not usually the case. Blue wave? I think not.

Activist Mobs:  

How anyone could think that unhinged mobs would result in a huge turnout for the democrats is a head scratching conundrum.  One liberal lawmaker, trying to explain the mobs to a questioning journalist, said, “This is what democracy looks like.” True enough.  I remember someone once telling me, “A lynching exemplifies democracy in action.” I had a hard time with this until I gave it careful thought.  When a mob or posse of individuals decides they want to lynch someone who has committed a “crime,” they vote on it and majority rules. I’m so glad we live in a representative republic where clearer heads can prevail against an out of control rabble intent on violently making someone pay for a supposed crime.  These mobs, often harassing republican lawmakers and Trump cabinet members while dining out, have terrified dispassionate Americans used to ardent debate of issues, not third world, banana republic violent means to produce change. Instead of resulting in more democrat voters, many democrats will be voting republican in two weeks.  Consider the Walk Away movement and Trump’s unprecedented 36% approval by African Americans. Blue wave? A resounding no!

The Central American Caravan (mob):  

There are currently over seven thousand Central Americans, mostly from Honduras, marching through Mexico toward the southern border of the United States. (Disclaimer:  My mother was from Honduras, but she became a naturalized citizen soon after she moved here with my dad.) The media laughs at President Trump’s claims that democrats are behind this.  Initially, even I wondered at this until I began asking myself questions. Do seven thousand people suddenly wake up one day and decide that’s the day to begin a two thousand mile trek through dangerous territories, leaving behind possessions and family members?  Or, is it more likely this was planned?

I am a retired middle and high school teacher.  I know if I were responsible for taking fifty teens by bus from Washington state to Disneyland, I would have to plan for all sorts of things like places to eat, bathroom stops, hotels we would be staying at.  You get the idea. Where are seven thousand people going to the bathroom? How are they staying hydrated? Who is providing their food? Are we really supposed to believe no planning has been involved?

My hypothesis, based on the Machiavellian tactics previously employed by democrats, is that their Daddy Warbucks, George Soros, is providing the money for this excursion.  But, it’s the democrats who have planned and are hoping for a violent showdown at the border with this hapless mob of humanity intent on invading our country and the US military entrusted with maintaining the sovereignty of our republic.  The dems have calculated that images of injured Hondurans and crying children will play on American heartstrings, and they will vote for the party that cares about the poor, not the inhumane republicans.

Once again, however, they have severely miscalculated what the American people will tolerate.  Up until now, we’ve all suspected that the number of illegal aliens in this country has been vastly underestimated.  We hear the number eleven million bandied about, but the number is probably closer to twice that amount. Numbers are hard to envision, though.  One cannot really grasp eleven or twenty thousand. It’s just a number. But, now the dems have provided us nightly images of what seven thousand illegals looks like swarming across a border, stopping traffic, sleeping on sidewalks, and even burning the American flag.  This has been a gift for Trump and republicans. Now when Trump talks about an invasion of our country by illegal aliens, everyone has a visual image burned into their minds. Independents, moderates, and even traditional democrats will likely vote republican to protect our borders.  Blue wave? Not bloody likely!

Suspicious Packages & Bombs:  

So, now that all the other democrat October surprises have failed, it’s time to send suspicious packages and bombs to the Clintons, the Obamas, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and CNN headquarters.  This is so transparent, it’s laughable. People who are winning (Trump and the republicans) do not have to resort to desperate tactics. The democrats and the resistance (probably one and the same) are the ones who are desperate to impeach Trump, impeach Kavanaugh, and try to regain power. They applaud violent mob strategies by groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  They try to harass and intimidate conservative citizens, republican lawmakers, and Trump cabinet members. And, when those tactics don’t work, they resort to punching, kicking, and throwing things. Lest we forget, they also try to kill conservatives. Consider the Steve Scalise shooting and the liberal nut job who wanted to take out all republicans practicing for a baseball game.  When the Secret Service and the FBI finish investigating, it will come as no surprise that extreme lefties are behind the suspicious packages and bombs sent to liberal political icons. This will all result in the opposite intended effect. Conservatives will not be intimidated. Instead they will come out to vote in full force, fearing for the demise of the country and the Constitution should democrats regain power.  Blue Wave? HELL NO!

Bottom line?  Four failed October surprises by the morally bankrupt democrats.  Let’s give the corrupt liberals and lying pollsters a November surprise–a red tsunami they’ll never forget.


Author: Shakespeare

I'm a retired teacher from Oregon currently living in Washington.

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