Death From Above – The Aerial Dispersion Project

Chem trails or con trails? This issue has been put more and more in the spot light in recent years. Once a tin foil hat wearer’s hot topic has now gained more mainstream notoriety. Whether you think what is happening in the skies above is weather modification, spraying of aluminum and barium on the landscape bellow, or just vapor trails, it is hard not to notice there are some weird anomalies. Personally I have seen only South bound flights, close to a hundred in one day, not one north bound flight. I have also seen triple aircraft chem trailing¬† so close together there is no possible way they are commercial air liners. I have also seen these same jets do circles above towns. And no they are not performing a landing maneuver, they then fly south after a few passes. Another anomaly I noticed is, these jets all seem to be flying within 5 minuets of each other. When was the last time you were in a airport and all flights were leaving within five minuets of each other all in the same direction?

I notice that these jets do affect the weather, usually on a nice blue sky morning, forecasted  to be a nice hot day, turns into a overcast and sometimes muggy day. Another observation I have is you notice a lot more of these jets flying during the summer months. Some here in Southern Oregon believe that what ever kind of particulates that are being spread from behind the jets, may be also to blame for your fast igniting, viscous forest fires that we have suddenly had in the last ten years.

If they are spraying aluminum and barium, could this be another agenda 21 plot for population control? I assume eating foods and drinking water that are saturated with aluminum and barium could lead to some serious health affects such as cancer. Also the particulates floating freely though the air as you are carrying on with you daily activities. We are inundated in what ever is being dispersed by these jets

Bellow are two chem trail videos that I have taken. Bellow that is a sequence of three videos that a viewer sent into Before It’s News.

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