Bill Cooper Interview Review Part 1

I sat down and re-watched the almost two-hour-long interview of Bill Cooper from 1988. The author of Behold a Pale Horse was one of the first to really blow the whistle on the deep state’s plans to craft a one world government. Watching the video, the first thing that stood out to me was at around 15 minutes into the interview when the interviewer asked Cooper how he got all of this knowledge that he was about to share. He calmly told about his career in naval intelligence. Then he said he was told to apply for a Q clearance, which he received six months later. Cooper went on to talk about his eyewitness account of UFOs and how the US government knows everything about them, possibly working with a race of extraterrestrials. He says he was told to never disclose anything of what he saw.  He made a comment about our space program, stating “The government only shows you what they want you to see; they have a vast dark space program.” Bill went on to say, “Don’t trust me; don’t trust anyone. Do your own research.” Really, what do we actually know about our space program? Think President Trump; think Space Force.

The interview moved onto the Kennedy assassination, called “Operation Majority.” Cooper states the documents say Kennedy was a threat to the new world order. He claims the assassination was done by the deep state and the actual hit was done by the driver, which you can easily see in this video. JFK Notice JFK was shot in the forehead. You can see his head go down then jolt backwards.

Later in the interview, Cooper covers more topics like population control, which according to his estimates he admits he was wrong on the dates regarding millions being killed off. This does not mean the tactics Cooper was talking about are not in full use currently. Look at cancer. How long do you think scientists have had the cure for cancer? Meanwhile government agencies are infusing our food and water with chemicals that make us sick with cancer. Research the birth rate drop in America currently, the birth rate is dropping rapidly. This could be another attempt at population control.

The notable author also touched on “Climate” change, talking about it is a total scam: “We are being fed a fabricated story, so we will beg for more government control. ” The green movement world wide is a manipulation.” Look at The Green New Deal.  It is a complete dictatorial law that makes zero sense. It doesn’t really even talk about saving the planet from climate change. Interestingly, it only talks about more taxes and more restrictions on our lives to make us more dependent on the government and moving towards total serfdom

Further, Cooper goes on to discuss the the political spectrum, stating that it’s ridiculous for socialists to call conservatives Nazis because the word Nazi means National Socialists. He expounded, “The correct term for a person on the right is Anarchist, because people on the right do not want to be controlled. People are throwing these terms around and  they don’t even know what they mean.” How many times have we heard the left call a conservative a Nazi, just to shut the argument down?

Continuing, Cooper explained, “Democracies are communism. It doesn’t work; we already know it doesn’t work. Socialism is different.  Socialism ends up as a dictatorship. In a very controlling government, politicians end up owning the people, so those that live in fear of not having are provided for by the government. Socialists are children that go out in the world and are scared and run home to daddy. Daddy feed me, house me, take care of me! Socialists are scared little children that worship the government.” Well he could not be more right about this, look at the current societal changes with young people. Almost all are scared of their own shadow, and worship the nanny state. Begging for a socialist utopia.

Cooper later predicts that the US will be heading for a national health care system. Well, he was right again. He goes on to say he doesn’t understand why people pick one side, like the left or the right, or libertarian. He says we are so fragmented in this country, it’s going to be really hard to come back together. All of what he is saying has been playing out in hyper drive currently, and remember his book was written in 1988.  Do you really think this is all one big coincidence? Seems to me Cooper was legitimately warning us and telling the truth.

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