Live Streaming: False Flag Pretext For War? Oil Tankers Attacked In Strait Of Hormuz – Drone Footage

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It comes as tensions in the Persian Gulf between the United States and Iran are threatening to reach boiling point.

In recent weeks, Washington has sent a number of battleships to the region in response to what it says are Iranian threats against American interests and its allies in the region.

There are many people who are already identifying this as a False Flag operation to start a war with Iran.

Why would Iran attack an American ship hauling Japanese petroleum products, while Iran is currently in talks with Japan on trade? Doesn’t seem very logical if you think about it?

David Knight explores the latest attack on U.S. interests and shares his insight on why this is more than likely, another False Flag.

Aerial Footage: One of the oil tankers targeted in the Sea of Oman

People may ask why anyone would think this attack on the oil tankers would be a False Flag, everyone knows Iran is a rogue state. Right?

Well let’s look at the big picture, what better way to take the heat off the Mueller report and the broken system of government that Americans are currently living under. All the corruption, one Clinton Scandal after another, this week another body count was release, 10 bodies in 72 hours.

These are just a couple of reasons people believe this may be a False Flag event.


How many deaths / “suicides”  do we now have surrounding the Clinton’s now?

Seems like the leading cause of death these days is knowing the Clinton’s!

Here’s the list of people who died within 72 hours of one another.

1)  Linda Collins-Smith – former Arkansas state senator – died of gunshot wounds, body wrapped in blanket.

2) Jonathan Nicole – former Oklahoma state senator – died of gunshot wound – gun found on table near the body.

3) Steven Silks – NY Deputy – suicide by gunshot – about to retire – supposedly saw the horrifying stuff on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that made men cry.

4) Joseph Calabrese – NYPD homocide detective – suicide by gunshot – rumored to have seen Anthony Weiner’s laptop

5) Dante Austin – Deputy Philadelphia – died of suicide by gunshot

6) Chris Reed – Texas police chief – fell overboard fishing boat

7) Lola Gulomova – Commerce Department US diplomat – died of several gunshots – her husband died also and they are saying it was a “murder suicide”.  Lola formerly worked for NASA and the World Bank

8)  Tony Rodham – Hillary Clinton’s Brother – cause of death not being released

9) Herb Sandler – tied to Pizzagate and the Podesta emails!

10) Walter Lubcke – died of gunshot on his terrace – German politician tied to new world order pig Angela Merkle and pushing cultural destruction of Germany by unlimited immigration of Muslims.

Is a False Flag event really so far fetched in the light of all these scandals? Probably not, they always seem to have a way to take everyone’s eye off the ball.

While some sources cited torpedoes as the weapons used in the attacks, another said officials suspected the use of a magnetic mine, similar to the devices used during last month’s attacks.

And just like that…war with Iran is now almost assured.

Best prepare for the worst and pray for the best, looks like it going to be a bumpy ride.

Iran denies doing this and I believe them.

RT reports:

Iran rescued dozens of sailors from oil tankers that were reportedly attacked in the Gulf of Oman off the UAE coast, according to IRNA. One of the vessels was allegedly targeted by a torpedo, reports said.

The rescue ship evacuated 44 crew members from the tankers in distress, bringing them to safety to the city of Jask in the southern Hormozgan Province, IRNA reported, citing an informed source.

They are also reporting:

Iran strongly rejected National Security Advisor John Bolton’s claims that it was “almost certainly” behind the May 12 attacks on four oil tankers in UAE waters, calling the unevidenced accusation “ridiculous.”

While Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi mocked the allegations against his country, he noted that it was unsurprising that Bolton would make them at a press conference in the United Arab Emirates, a country who has developed a rivalry with Iran.

Richie From Boston Gives you an overview of Oil Tanker hit, ECONOMIST COVER COMES TO LIFE


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