Video Of The Indonesia Tsunami. Is The PNW Prepared?

If you have been following the earthquakes happening in the “Ring of Fire”, Hopefully¬† you have considered some kind of survival scenario with your family when the Cascadia event happens. But what would you do? Have you considered networking with friends and family? Own a go bag with medicine and supply’s?¬† What if your kids are at school when this happens? Do you have a radio to find out what is going on? Even if you live inland, Imagine the influx of refugees from coastal communities. Maybe you need to go to a town that was hit to find and help family. Here in the Pacific North West, This subject has been talked about a lot even as i was growing up. ” The Big One ” seems ever more possible with recent activity. Take a look at this video of the Indonesia tsunami, By comparison of Japan’s last disaster, This one in Indonesia was a small wave.

I have a earth quake monitor on the front page, And i also am working on coordinating with a ham radio preparedness group/site to update, And to start radio nets to assist in disaster relief.

If you live in the Pacific North, Be prepared.


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