Oregon’ far left super majority is issuing blow after blow to rural communities. Even after “town hall ” meetings where legislators came to communities to hear opinions on the destructive HB.2020, The house representatives decided to go against their constituents and vote yes.  This bill will be a final nail in the coffin for our timber industry, which has been on life support since the 90’s thanks to the false spotted  owl controversy. But this will effect a whole lot more than just the timber industry, this will effect all aspects of consumerism in Oregon. Gas will be more expensive, clothes, food, anything that will be trucked in to the state will see a price hike. Lets not forget how many Oregon families are homeless due to our massive housing crisis… With lack of lumber being milled, you can expect to see more of the same. In one of the highest taxed states in the nation, this will put more and more families in the poor house, that means more food stamps, section eight housing, more dependency on the government… This seems to be the plan all along. The blatant attacks from this super majority that have been over lording over the rest of the state has brought intense resentment to the northern part of the state.

Today, hundreds of log truck drivers and long haul truckers have rallied in protest to the capital in Salem. Lets show them some support! Review the links of stories bellow, these are just some of many stories of the draconian liberal agenda that  is being shoveled down the throats of rural Oregonians.





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