The Fascist Left – Oregon SB 501

Written by high school students in Lake Oswego Oregon, and sponsored by Senator Wagner and Rep Salinas, Senate Bill 501 aims to have all firearms in a safe at all times or locked. It also includes requirments of 20 round purchase limit within 30 days, permits for buying firearms that must be checked by Kate Brown’s Oregon State Troopers, and of course a 5 round capacity limit on all guns. People who ignore it could face severe penalties. For example, anyone who possessed a firearm without a permit could be fined up to $6,250 and sentenced to as much as 364 days in jail, basically making all Oregon gun owners felons.

This is not common sense gun law; this is a full erosion of our 2nd amendment rights. The arrogance of socialist liberals in Oregon about this and other topics is astounding. The left has gone full fascist. Neither I nor any conservative that I know wants to END the things that the left loves like gay rights, abortions, “tolerance”. If you want those things, do them in the cities of Portland and Eugene. The problem with what you are proposing is you are dictating your RADICAL agenda on the rest of what is rural, conservative Oregon. My question for you fascist lefties is how much longer can you back this “dog” into a corner before it attacks? You may laugh at that, but really think about it. Rural Oregon is tough, hardworking, God fearing, gun owning, sharp shooting hunters, and very caring and loving people. Although… I don’t believe many will comply with the new gun law or move away from from their generational land.  Our sheriffs have already said they will not comply with anti 2nd amendment laws. You, the transplant lefties are the outsiders imposing your dictate on us. Would that make you invaders? What do you care what “hillbillies” do in rural Oregon? Are you prepared to pit yourself and your agenda against your neighbor? Maybe that is the difference between Socialists and Conservatives….



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