Tax Hell In Oregon

Outside influences have once again taken rural Oregon to the cleaners. Measure 103 a proposed tax on grocery food passed by 57%. Who is the outside influence? Oh our good ol up and coming globalist and anti gunner Michael Bloomberg. This globalist pitched 1.5 million of his own money at just this measure. ( He also donated a hefty amount to Kate Brown’s re-election.  ) This new tax has been talked about since I was a child. With the tricky wording and “Yes means NO, No means Yes ” option, The measure was as shadily written as it will be enforced.

With record homelessness, housing shortage, Oregonians extreme drug problems, one of the worst graduation rates in the country. Lets tax people into poverty further. Local papers say that we will not feel the effects of this, or it may not happen at all. My prediction is that this will be enforced as of the first of the year. When have the communists that run the state of Oregon ever turned down a new tax? It is hard not to wonder if this is the implementation of agenda 21 or agenda 2030, U.N agendas to push the rural living population into city centers, making them more dependent on the State.

Think you are just going to go hunt, fish, have a garden, collect rain water? Think again! Oregon has been systematically regulating to death anything that promotes self sustainability. Hunting and fishing tags get more expensive every year with shorter seasons. Blaming mismanagement of our land, fish and wildlife on us. Mining has been shut down in almost every stream, and heavily regulated. Collect rain water? Think again! Gotta have a permit! Gardening? shhhhhh…. Wait for them to permit this also… Or have a globalist corporation genetically modify seed so the vegetables produce non fertile seeds. Gotta keep buying from the corporation!

SO! with that being said, Its hard not to go to the grocery store like cattle being pushed through a cattle chute. I have said many times, people need to start waking up to their own demise. We are being treated like slaves, most of out income going to the kings and lords of the land. Are you fed up yet?

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