Taking Our Land Back- Countering The BLM

B.L.M ( Bureau of Land Management ). They have gated our forests, they have restricted our streams. They think they are the Bureau of Land Ownership for the Government. They think they own our timber, own our minerals, own our fish, our game… Lets not forget the screeching cries of climate change, Agenda 21, and permits…. are some of the tools to keep us off of our lands and streams! The BLM are the rural brown shirts of the government.

Here is what you can do to take our land back- Register a gold mining claim. When you go through the research and paperwork ( its not very difficult ), you can lock down mineral rights, and stake claim on land that the BLM thinks is all theirs. You can camp, fish, hunt, and modify the land/ improve the land to help in “mining” processes. Placer claims start at a 20 acre minimum. Load mines are a 40 acre minimum… Now, mind that you do NOT own the land but much or less you will be leasing the land. NO one can dig on your claim… ( think about that.. OH the possibilities… ). And if someone is found camping on your claim, you can tell them ” This is a active mining operation”, and they must vacate the claim ASAP. Also, lets not forget you could find some gold on your claim…. And of course those pesky ” land managers” that love to harass people… Well if you have a bunch of lumber layed out, or a camp being formed, or just general activity on a regular basis, they tend to stay away unless they have the numbers to confront you and your family. Google- Bundy stand off, Lavoy Finicum, Sugar pine Mine.

Lets check out the cost real quick, I paid $250 to do the initial paper work, after that is is $10! Yes $10! a year to have a 20 acre claim!

Its time to retake our land, Agenda 21 is locking us out of OUR land. Claiming up creeks, rivers, ridges, is a good way to hold off the feds land grabs and gang green agenda. At $10 a year per claim, it is cheap enough to have a few claims. And remember they do NOT want you to have this information.  Its time to fight back! ” It’s Not The Kings Land!!”.

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