Salem Oregon’s Non Stop Attack On The 2nd Amendment

Well folks, Salem just can not stop infringing! So far the super majority of liberals in Oregon’s capital has been on a blitzkrieg of liberal ideology. This legislative session has been a barrage of “green” bills to stop any industry in Oregon, and a non-stop attack on the second amendment. Here is the latest: Senate Bill 978. Legislatures say this bill was introduced after the 2012 Clackamas shooting, where a criminal stole an AR-15 and went a on a rampage.

This bill will make it illegal to have guns outside of safes in your own house. It also holds a person whose guns are stolen and used in a crime as responsible as the shooter! Moreover, the bill has has restrictions regarding 3D printing of gun parts. Let’s just look at the obvious here.  Once gain Oregon has missed the target. They want to make responsible, law-abiding citizens felons. If a criminal wants what is in your safe, they will find a way to break into that safe.  The bill also gives authority to local municipalities to restrict firearm access in public buildings and create gun-free zones. The bill states, if convicted, the gun owner would be guilty of a Class C felony.

My question here is first: WHERE IS THE NRA?! Second, we here in rural Oregon need the nation’s help with spreading the word that Salem’s super majority is working day and night to turn Oregon into an unrecognizable slave state.  This state needs other patriots’ support! This state is run and ruled by criminals, and law-abiding Oregonians are being dragged though the dirt and made to be criminals themselves, by simply wanting to exercise their rights! This current bill is one of many travesties that is being pushed on us.  Eventually this state will make everyone a felon.  WAKE UP!

Read OR Senate Bill 978 for yourself.

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