Rural Oregonians Unite! Second Rally Draws Thousands To Salem

6/27 – Another scheduled protest against HB 2020 and support of the Oregon 11 is off and running today. A log truck and long haul truck convoy roared up I-5 to Salem this morning, reportedly 13 miles long! Governor Kate Brown has shut down the state capitol again to day in fear of Oregon militias and expected large protests. Little does most of the country know, the smoldering fire of hate the rural economically depressed areas of Oregon have for the liberal cities has now boiled over. This fuming anger has to do with the three counties, ( three large cities ) that call the shots for the rest of what is rural conservative Oregon. Rural Oregonians have been stripped of our timber industry, mining, fishing, and any other industry’s that pay a livable wage to raise a family on, all in the name of fighting climate change.

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Oregon is a microcosm of what the nation is experiencing, big cities dictating climate change reform to rural areas that have cleaner air, streams, and less carbon emissions than said cities throwing their authoritarian weight around. You are witnessing the straw that broke the camels back. Governor Brown needs to GOVERN, not legislate. To attempt to reunite the state before it fractures permanently, though she is incapable of doing this. Her agenda is one right out of the Agenda 21 play book. Ram climate reform down rural communities throats with emergency declarations, instead of letting the people vote on the decision. She is systematically pushing us out of our homes with bills such as this, letting forest fires burn uncontrollably, and cutting funding to our schools and other local municipalities. This is the point of no return, line in the sand, working class people not backing down this time! And as a side note, no windows have been smashed, police cars vandalized, people beat up, to calls for anarchy, unlike antifa who gets a free pass in Portlandia to do as they please. We in rural Oregon simply want Salem and Portland to respect our industry’s and way of life. Mind your own business, and remember that the three counties do not represent the rest of Oregon.

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