UPDATE! (1-10-2019) – Pacific Northwest Government Run Hatcheries Kill Salmon And Steelhead

UPDATE!-  (1-10-2019) The Powell River Hatchery in B.C claims vandals killed 700,000 salmon smolt. In my opinion, this is no accident! Can you say inside job? I do not believe in coincidence. Especially when it happens 3 times in 1 month!This is a blame game, blame it on over fishing, “climate change” . Point being we will lose our rights to fish our streams because of the MISHANDLINGS of the state!



A perfect example of Government mismanagement, Two hatchery locations on major rivers in Oregon and Washington, some how killed off thousands of Salmon and steel head eggs and smolt. Now let me remind you that here in the Pacific Northwest our hunting and fishing  lands and streams are regulated to the extreme! Because well, GLOBAL WARMING ! and other screeching one liners the liberals throw out when they disagree with someones lifestyle. But they dropped the ball, and are not going to take any blame for it.

The losses are blamed on algae in the Cole River hatchery, in their words is a “aging” facility. They killed over 360,000 eggs. I have been to this hatchery and was not impressed with the biologists and there lack luster enthusiasm about the work they do when i talked to them. The second loss was at a hatchery in Washington state they lost 6.2 million salmon fry due to a power outage. The fry were in incubators at the Minter Creek Hatchery in Gig Harbor. The pump that supplies water to the incubators lost power, and the backup generator failed. As many as 6.2 million chinook salmon fry died, according to a news release from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). – Seattle PI

I would hope that biologists would be checking water samples daily to insure that OUR stocks of fish are healthy and ready to be sent into our water ways. Think of it as a farmer, you should be watering and inspecting plants and surroundings daily, maybe several times a day. When I visited the Cole River Hatchery with a class of students, The biologist could not answer questions that high school students asked. ( About many fish naturally spawn in the river, that do not come to the damn? Answer- “No idea”).

The Minter creek hatchery power outage that killed 6.2 million salmon fry, is just plain devastating. The amount of neglect that no one was called to check on the hatchery during a power outage AND the backup generator is broken?! 6.2 MILLION fish is a huge number… I don’t think I can comment any further on this. Government entities FAILED horribly.

But nothing to fear! These agencies are PRAYING that you forget this in the next 2 years. According to these biologists the fish runs are at ALL time LOWS! Due to Global warming! Also the demonizing of sportsmen, over fishing, lead weights, barbed hooks are to blame don’t ya know? You all know what is coming… Cut fishing seasons shorter, more restrictions, close rivers to fishing entirely. Mind you that, I myself am a avid fisherman who fishes the Rogue River very often. We are aloud to keep wild steel head from January first to the end of April. This is sure to end. Also if i was to keep a fish that is not legal, especially a salmon or steel head out of season, I will be fined HEAVILY, lose my tackle, lose my fishing license possibly. But 6.2 million dead fry due to absolute neglect? no big deal…

This is a perfect example of projection, and government fumbles. The government are the worst managers of everything at this point. In my opinion, when one of these agencies fails, the people they are supposed to be working for are at fault. Mark my words, we will see strict restrictions in the future for fishing. And this story will be not be mentioned once.








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