P.N.W Power Company Threatens To Shut Off Electricity To Prevent Wildfires

Pacific Power has announced that they will shut off electricity in extreme fire danger season. Which since here in Southern Oregon, it has been “extreme” fire danger in the summers ever since Salem and other left wing activists destroyed out timber industry. Pacific Power commented that this will be implemented as a last resort. Pacific power services nearly 600,000 customers in the Southern Oregon region. They say they will first do preventative measures such as brush clearing and regular maintenance on older power lines and sub stations. Recently PG&E, the company that’s faulty equipment sparked the Paradise California fire which killed 60 people, did a shut down of some electric services in rural areas of Northern California. This is the example that Pacific Power wants to implement.

If this sounds eerily familiar to the U.N Agenda 21 plan to run rural people out of the country and push them into the cities. This plan is so absurd it is almost laughable. Oregon and Northern California see temperatures in the upper 90’s and often reaching over 100 degrees for weeks.  To ask residents of rural areas to go without electricity is insane. These “devastating” wildfires are relatively new, as of the last 10 years or so we have seen bad wildfires. This is due to the forests being over grown and restricted access to wild-lands, lack of logging, and of course population increase, and homelessness. Of course most think this is global warming, and must be us humans fault. Well Oregon had record rain and snow this year. It was like a good ol fashioned winter like I remember as a kid. Pacific Power is not going to prevent wildfires by shutting off power to customers, they are simply going to piss off locals in sweltering heat. Pacific Power should patrol their power line easements more often, and do routine maintenance of older equipment. Remember, if we “MANAGE” the forests we will not have this problem.

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