Our Corrupt Governor

Once again double speak talks! Kate Brown is holding funds for children and schools because the ” budget is just not there.” What about the facilities? The people who do the dirty work to keep your beloved indoctrination stations looking good? They do not get paid much more than a person working at an In-N-Out burger joint! Is there anyone in Oregon without short-term memory loss from all of the free weed that is being smoked? Kate Brown classically says she is for children and education, yet once again it was all for a good show.  Does anyone remember the town hall meeting where Kate took questions from high school kids. The kids’ hot topics of discussion was not their education but: Vaping, Abortion, President Trump’s appointment of Kavanaugh, and of course CLIMATE CHANGE! She was so deeply concerned with “education.”  Well, it all seems to be just a political tool. Who would have thought?

http://The kids only a few thoughts in mind: Vaping, Abortion, President Trumps appointment of Kavanah, and of course CLIMATE CHANGE!

Let’s look at Kate Brown and other legislators contemplate giving new raises  to one another. Check out this Statesman article for the details. Apparently living in a mansion is not enough on the tax payers’ dime! Also her cohorts seem to think that being a public servant deserves more than 2k a month. Once again, I would happily be a legislator for 2k a month. Hey, look Mrs. Brown! You may think you fool the common folk, but we are awake and see your corruption for what it is. You are a greedy, power-hungry socialist who wants to sink this state in a fog of socialism. We are in a state of war in Oregon. The super majority is hell-bent on enforcing their agenda. We the people are doomed to live in a state of chaos if we do not stand in front of Kate and her cohorts.

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