Oregon’s Mismanaged Wildlife

Ashland, Oregon.

Oregon’s mismanaged wildlife is starting to show its ugly head. Police on Ashland’s SOU campus discharged a firearm to scare away 2 cougars roaming the campus early Monday morning. This is not the first time cougar problems in this town have been in the news. Earlier this summer there were several reports of cougars being spotted in Lithia park where both locals and tourists frequent. Bicyclists have also reported seeing cougars roam the downtown streets early in the morning, which seems to be turning into the norm.

Hood River, Oregon. A woman was found dead in September from the state’s first “official” cougar related death.

1994 was when voters decided to outlaw hound hunting in Oregon, right around the same time logging was getting shut down due to the spotted owl. The feel-good tactics have led to an explosion of the cougar population. We are seeing a direct result of this in the decrease in our deer population also. It is only a matter of time before a child is playing outside in Ashland city limits, and is attacked by an adult cougar. This is only one example of Oregon making the wrong decision regarding its wild game and fish.

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