Oregon Lawmakers Want A Raise!

Oregon lawmakers say they want a raise after just starting the legislative session. “We’re a diverse state, we need a diverse legislature,” said Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland. “Because of the low pay, we are automatically screening out people who really should be represented here.” She goes on to explain that because of the low pay only retirees are entering these elected positions. Another lawmaker stated – “Trying to recruit someone of caliber to serve in these chambers with the pay that we’re getting currently just is a very difficult choice,” said state Sen. Fred Girod, R-Stayton, another sponsor of the effort. “I’m a retired dentist, and I’ve done well in life, but when you go to tell someone, ‘We want you to serve, but your base pay is going to be around $2,000 a month,’ that’s pretty tough sledding.”

Okay, If you are reading this and live in Oregon I do not know how you are not pulling your hair out from the statements above! Oregon is a very liberal state due to several counties up North that decide how we live in the rest of the state, although I don’t know anyone who would turn down $2,000 a month for a PUBLIC SERVANT job! Ill tell ya what Mr. Stayton, I personally will be a legislature for 2k a month, but I doubt you would want me anywhere near Salem.  I work nearly 3 jobs to live in this state and I still JUST make it. These lawmakers proposing this are nothing more than greedy elitists liberals. They do not want new blood in the legislative chambers, they want the pay raise for themselves.

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  1. It is amazing, the wealth these people accrue during their time in office with such a small income. It costs a fortune to run for public office and these people gladly pay. They can promote their own liberal agenda and make some hefty bonuses from other socialist power houses. But, that’s not enough for these crooked bastards. They need more of our money too. And we won’t do anything about it but pay.

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