Oregon Has Fallen To Agenda 21- HB2020

Salem Oregon has dictated HB2020.. I mean propose.. HB2020 is a “carbon reduction” dictate, a smaller version of “The Green New Deal”. This bill will raise highway gas tax, add a additional $50 a month to natural gas bills among many other higher taxes on carbon based goods. The Green Cult in the North is attacking the rest of rural Oregon. The problem is they are selling the same old ticket. And only the cities in the North are buying it!  https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB2020/Introduced

“Global Warming” is NOT happening. Its called SEASONS! Many parts of Oregon including Southern Oregon are high desert. It has always been arid. All of Eastern Oregon is high desert also. Nothing has changed. The trees are NOT dying. It’s not getting hotter. Ask any generational old timer of Oregon. The sad part is the left fills its ranks with the brainwashed young adults that they have sold the fears of global warming to… It’s funny: a 17-year-old seems to know for certain that global warming is REALLLLL and we are all going to die! That is classic brainwashing… Fear. These lefties seem to forget that without carbon based goods we will be a 3rd world country. But I assume that is what they want, since their cities up North look like this- Image result for portland city homeless camps

Oregon has gone down the agenda 21 rabbit hole. With our lands being locked up into “National Monuments, And Reserves,” to our second amendment being constantly under attack, to our housing and building permits that will  not allow for single family dwellings any longer… These issues are all outlined in agenda 21. By no means are these issues grassroots run. Many in Southern Oregon are saying the proposed HB2020 is our Yellow Vest moment. Are you ready?

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