ODFW’s Electric Licensing System

Is it just me? Or does it seem like everything these days is going digital even if it doesn’t make any sense? ODFW ( Oregon department of fish and wildlife ) have now implemented digital licensing and tags. We will be forced to use our phones for proof of license and to tag fish and game. You may be saying- but they are giving the option to buy a paper one still… Yeah, wait until next year, it will be fazed out.

First of all, when I am out hunting or fishing I rarely have cell phone service. ODFW claims that this app will work even without service. ” The app will work without cell service.” “Then use a piece of tape to put the number on that the app gives you and tag your animal like you used to.” I can not think of one app that I have on my phone that works without cell service…

Second, say you are out elk hunting for seven days in the back country. ODFW says that you must find some way to keep your phone charged at all times. That will be extremely difficult and more of a hassle than it is worth.  Honestly, I just don’t see this being very popular… I personally think of my phone DEAD last as something I need to bring when out hunting.

I see this as more big brother encroachment. Cell phones do not need to go everywhere with me, especially out in the woods. The tracking on phones could lead to mistaken zone recording of where you were fishing or hunting. I see this new system as another “Gotcha” trick, to classify more honest fisherman and hunters as poachers. What if you do everything possible to keep your phone safe but lose it, or it drops in the water. Your phone is now fried, and here comes the game warden asking for your phone to check when you tagged that salmon. Now your a poacher.

Keep buying the paper tags and license, do not conform to this digital tracking. We are already surrounded by technology, do you really need to clutch your cell phone while enjoying the great outdoors?


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