Measles Outbreak In Washington State *** Update***

***UPDATE*** Oregon lawmaker Mitch Greenlick¬† ( Portland Democrat ), has proposed a bill that would end religious and personal philosophy opt outs of vaccines. “Those parents that have not vaccinated their kids and exposed them to measles should be ashamed,” he says. “We’re going to end up with more than 100 cases that have really put those kids in danger. There’s no excuse for that. There’s no need for that to happen.” Mitch went on to say; “It would make perfect sense for a person to say ‘I don’t want to vaccinate my kid’ if they could believe any other person their kid would meet would be vaccinated,” Greenlick says. So-called “herd immunity” can protect the unvaccinated, particularly children who cannot get shots because of allergies or compromised immune systems. “But there’s no way we can get to 100 percent [vaccination] without everybody getting in the game.” The bill is off to the state legislature committee.

So once again the “Liberals” are trying to FORCE their will on the rest of the people. Its strange, I thought Liberal Democrats were the party of understanding and tolerance… The mask is off, Liberal Democrats are the party authoritarianism.



A Measles outbreak has been reported in Washington State. Washington Department of Health officials announced that as of Monday afternoon, there have been 36 confirmed cases and 11 suspected cases of the disease.This has prompted Washington State to declare a state of emergency.

“Washington state epidemiologist Scott Lindquist told NPR that this is likely only the beginning of the epidemic because many of the families with infected children traveled to very public places, including Costco, Ikea, the Portland International Airport and the basketball arena where the Portland Trail Blazers play.” – NPR.

There are two different strains of Measles, some claim the reemergence of measles is due to anti vaxxers. I blame it on the hoards of 3rd world invaders walking right though our boarder and given “sanctuary” in cities. How many that have just now been infected are already vaccinated against measles? Just as getting the flu shot only protects you against one strain of the flu.

My opinion is if you do not want to vaccinate then don’t. Those who vaccinate should not worry right? Because they are “immune”, is what they think. I trust no one, especially government scientists and doctors… Remember Bill Gates and his wife want 1 billion people exterminated to save the planet. His tool of choice? Vaccines and health care.

This story is worth following. I will provide updates as I hear more and live in the region. Stay out of the cities!

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