Josephine County Oregon – Camping Homeless Get Green Light

In ANOTHER bizarre act of shooting ones self in the foot, Grants pass city council will make a ordinance allowing homeless to ” camp” in public as long as they use a tent. We already have rampant homelessness in Southern Oregon. On new years eve I drove past the Walmart on The Grants Pass Parkway ( notorious for homeless camping ), as I sat at the stop light I happend to look over to the Walmart parking lot, and witnessed 2 people fully naked, having sex in a beat up old Astro van at 3pm for all to see. I promptly called the police. ┬áThis is just one example of the degeneracy that has plagued Southern Oregon. Seeing every street corner on major roads posted up with dread locked tattooed people who are in their late 20′ early 30’s is the norm. Trash lines the streets and parking lots where they camp. Lets not forget the massive Penniger wildfire that was started by a homeless camp at the Expo park it burned 97 acres! Threatened hundreds of houses and businesses.

I grew up in Medford Oregon, We had very very few homeless people in the early 90’s, and no homeless camps. This has been a slippery slope of easy to get food stamps, welfare, handouts. Soon we will have needles and violent bums roaming the streets like San Francisco and Seattle… Oh we already do have that.

I have a hard time understanding why this community has embraced homeless activities, these people do NOT pay taxes. They leave mounds of trash and needles at every site they abandon. They are obscene and rude, sometimes violent. And this is who the City Council is bowing down to… Southern Oregon/ Oregon in general is on a downward spiral to chaos. It saddens me at how liberal polices have ruined such a vibrant, economically strong, beautiful state.

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