HB2020 Town Hall

I went to the town hall meeting about HB2020 at South Medford High school. HB 2020 is Oregon’s version of “The Green New Deal.” These leftist bureaucrats want us taxed to hell on anything carbon… I wrote about this in a previous article, Oregon Has Fallen to Agenda 21, A Yellow Vest Moment.

As soon as I entered the room I saw a sea of yellow vests! The turn out was excellent. You could cut the tension between the audience and the Salem elitist politicians with a knife. Very few “SOCAN” supporters could be seen; even their side of testimony was lackluster.  Professors, doctors, and of course the “organic farmer” kinds bayed for the committee to take action on global warming with higher taxes on carbon emissions!! MORE TAXES! GREEN GREEN GREEN!! Some of these lefties also stated that rural Oregon should get on board with the green energy movement because of the amount of jobs that it would create. Think Cylindraand other failed companies. One commented about how hot it is getting in Southern Oregon and how her organic farm is suffering because of it. I could not help but look out the window at the foothills all around the valley with snow on them.

The highlights were: Rep. Powers constantly scolding the audience about clapping and supporting each other’s testimonies. He also stated that ” we need to hurry this along; these metal chairs are uncomfortable.” We are so sorry that your Salem privilege was respected! Maybe next time we will bring kings thrones out for them, noting this is how they view themselves. Bill Meyer, a local talk radio host, garnered the most applause with his epic two minute speech that was critical of HB2020 and all of the other failed polices that Salem has enforced on us peasants down here in rural Southern Oregon. Bill Meyers’ testimony is below. ( Video starts out a little fuzzy, It clears up. )

I talked to a lot of people who seem unified in fighting back against Salem and Portland. I just will never understand how the LEFT does not see how dictatorial and draconian they are. We do NOT want your “green deals.” We are NOT being represented down here, or on the eastern side of the state. We are being forced to accept the will of two counties that think they know what’s best for the rest of the state. But, then again, this is typical of leftists.  They believe they are the only intelligent people, and they need to tell the knuckle draggers in the rest of the state how to live their lives.  How much longer will it take before this dog, backed into the corner, bites?


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