Downward Spiral Oregon: Legalizing Magic Mushrooms

The Oregon attorney general is taking steps to legalize psychedelic mushrooms. The initiative should appear on the 2020 ballot if enough signatures are gathered. Many claim there are medicinal benefits in using psychedelic mushrooms like helping with seizures and cancer. The same claims were made here in Oregon to pass medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. I believe there could be benefits from the well-regulated use of something that naturally grows in the Oregon forests. I can also see the downward spiral of rampant drug use and self-medicating ourselves into a haze.

Legalized marijuana in Oregon has brought droves of out-of-state drug addicted, crime infused, hoards of people. Our children are using marijuana at a staggering rate due to the accessibility. Most kids in school show up to school in a haze because the accessibility makes it easy and as mainstream as smoking a cigarette.

The legalization of “magic mushrooms” will cause another influx of legal drug addicted haze and apathy. Sure there will be some medical benefits. I am all in favor of using what is natural instead of manufactured pharmaceutical drugs. But the mishandling of medical and recreational marijuana in Oregon has done irreversible damage to our kids due to mass dependence and addiction already. Can you imagine a bunch of kids with easy access to psychedelics that are as legal as buying beer? A “trip” lasts around 6-8 hours which includes effects like anxiety, paranoia, and nervousness. … The physical effects of mushrooms can include: nausea and vomiting. Police, parents, teachers and the communities will have their hands full with whacked-out kids on a 6-8 hour non stop trip.

Author: The Governor

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