Canyonville Oregon Fire Agenda 21

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Canyonville Oregon, a wildfire that started on Wednesday 7/24 at around only 7 acres is completely out of control at over 8,000 acres now! Once again Southern Oregon is blanketed with heavy smoke from a ” let it burn” tactic used by Kate Brown’s administration. Reports have come in this was once again started by a illegal homeless camp fire. Southern Oregon has been in a ” No Burn ”  red level for two months now. locals have confirmed seeing fire crews and water tenders waiting on the roads not seeming to be in any hurry, also witnesses have seen firefighters being held up at the Medford airport, instead of being deployed rapidly. This fire could have been put out with a quick response, and bucket ships. Do not get me wrong, the firefighters are doing the best they can, with the orders they are given. We appreciate their hard work and risking their lives to get this fire out.

Oregon’s “let it burn” policy has been implemented by the Kate Brown administration, but the roots of this tactic go as far back to over a decade ago when the environmental extremists shut down our timber industry because of a owl that was not even native to Oregon. Environmentalist would like you to believe these fires are due to global warming, and we must let the forest “cleanse” itself with fire. These extremists are 100% wrong. These forest fires are out of control due to our forests being over grown with flash fuels. They have even let critical logging roads that were access points for firefighters to get into the mountains degrade, thus making it hard to fight the fires quickly.

(Bellow is a picture of the fuel loads in our forests.)

Locals are opening their eyes finally to the reality of Agenda 21 being actively used in Southern Oregon. What better way to drive people out of rural areas and force them into the cities than letting forest fires spread to thousands of acres, and smoke out the local population. The smoke itself is dangerous  (PM 2.5) The same measurement of particulates the environmentalists used to get wood stoves banned in Alaska, is overwhelming kids and seniors, making even people in good health feel sick. It makes you wonder if these fires are actually started by accident, or is someone being sanctioned to start a fire.


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