California Officials – Ham Radio Repeaters To Be Removed From Public Lands

Amid the power being shut off to “prevent ” forest fires in the northern part of California, to make things much worse the state has decided to send notice to ham radio repeater owners notifying them the state will no longer be allowing the crucial repeaters on public land. The emails sent out by CAL Fire ( go figure, something is not passing the smell test ) They stated,  “Ham operators no longer provide a benefit to the state or public safety, and is a outdated technology.”

Amateur radio operators have a long history of assisting first responders and passing crucial information on to the public during natural and man made disasters. This comes to me as no surprise by the deep state and the tech giants, watch for this to spread nation wide. Reference –

It seems every bit of technology these days is “smart” or digital, and is easily tracked. Radio conversations are hard to track and record. Looks like a group of deep staters do not want us talking  ” Un- monitored ” to other people in the country or around the world. Spend the money buy a ham radio, get licensed, get to know local ham radio operators. Keep informed.

Author: The Governor

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