Another Mill Closes Due To Federal Land Lock Outs – Oregon

65% Of Oregon’s forest lands are in Federal lock down. The Federal government, backed by “Gang Green” groups that oppose logging our forests are the reason for the latest lumber mill shutdown. Swanson group, a local Southern Oregon lumber mill is closing its doors for good this Friday. Another historic fixture for Southern Oregon is lost, and more jobs will be lost. Swanson group’s superior lumber company was started after WW II by brothers Dean and Rod Swanson after they returned from war.

The systematic dismantling of Oregon’s industries has been in full swing since the late 80s early 90s with the false claim of the spotted owl’s loss of habitat due to logging. The cult following of “climate change” carbon reduction groups lobbied liberal Oregon politicians to end forest management and logging. The devastation of the local economy over the past couple of decades has bred poverty, heavy drug use, homelessness and above all resentment by locals.Image result for oregon pro logging

The mismanagement of Oregon forest lands has resulted in choked out, crowded timbers and massive forest fires, and the “green” idea of “let it burn.” We are under a systematic attack in the Pacific Northwest. Extreme liberal ideologues have ended our industry, which happens to be timber, in a virtue signaling quest to show what state can collapse into a third world look-alike the fastest. Oregon, in that matter, is a close second behind California.

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