Ammo Background Checks- California

Gun owners in California will be subject to background checks for the purchase of ammunition as of July 1st 2019. The state has seen a uptick in ammo purchases as the date draws near. The state Department of Justice is scrambling to develop a background check system in time for the implementation date. California Governor Gavin Newsom  had this to say about Prop 63- “Too many Californians have already died from gun violence,” Newsom said. “I championed Prop. 63 because it is beyond time that we take common sense actions such as these.” ( by the ) California has the toughest gun restrictions in the country and this will just ad to slew of regulatory hoops one must jump though to be a legal gun owner. Related image

California and Newsom seem to still not understand that criminals do not follow the law! Thus, they are criminals. Criminals can simply go to a neighboring states and buy as much ammo as they want and drive it back to California. Once again, this law is meant to discourage people from buying firearms and to dismantle second amendment rights. The worry by neighboring states like Oregon is that these nonsense laws will spread, and Californians will be also be buying out ammo in Oregon and other neighboring states.


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