Upside Down World

The recent Gillette ad about toxic masculinity for having a beard, it is even more clear to even the blind masses  that men are under increasing attack!

The attack on men and masculinity is all but a coincidence from the 4th wave feminists. I have watched these radical “women”, and their systematic dismantling of the family unit ” patriarchy”, bashing men into submission with the help of the fake news media running stories on a daily basis. We can also see the amount of men wanting nothing to do with women due to the ostracizing, fake rape claims, courts stacked against fathers, screeching women claiming they don’t need men anymore they have the government baby daddy/ women liberation. Enter the Beta male, with their self loathing suicidal pact with the radical feminists and globalist agenda. When you strip away natural masculinity and the drive to protect his family and his culture, you have disarmed the male, which makes conquering the culture a success. Men are warriors, not beta sissy boys that cower to outside invading forces. We are being conquered from the inside out!

The embracing of transgenderism ( a mental disorder ) and pushing it on our already toxic rich children, and telling them there are hundreds of genders is almost irreversibly devastating to our culture. There are only 2 genders. To push this mentally ill garbage on young children, and encouraging them to “transition” should be labeled as child abuse. The recent stories of young boys dressed up as women and dancing at transgender drag shows is insanity! Also a story just came out about a “lesbian couple” posing as a “straight couple ” wanting their pre – pubescent  son to transition into a girl! This is child abuse and reads like a passage from revelations, ” Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” – Isaha 5:20

My belief is we are under a 2 stage attack. First a chemical gender bending attack of untested GMO’s, chemicals in our water, chemicals in our food, chemicals in our medicine and vaccines. Second the media and entertainment glorifies and celibates “gay and trans” lifestyles. Pushing this in T.V shows and cartoons, it is no wonder why kids are confused along with being chemically altered by the food/water etc. Media also pushes the feminist movement of men being stupid, bumbling idiots that are unable to do anything with out the wise women to tell them and show them what to do. Also glorifying the single family or gay family unit is prevalent in popular TV shows today. We must get others to understand what is happening, it is right in front of your face! Open your eyes!

Author: The Governor

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