Stock Market Smoke Screen

I have got to ask, are you sick of playing this game? Yes, the roller coaster set up by the FED. They manipulate our economy, crash our market, decide what has worth and what has value…  I pose a question… What is the dollar worth? Define “value.” Define “worth.” Most are going to say: The dollar’s worth depends on what other countries currency’s are valued at. Supply and demand! And my favorite: Imports are cheaper. Goods produced abroad and imported to the United States will be cheaper if the manufacturer’s currency falls in value when compared to the dollar. – At this point what was supposed to be a “note” backed by gold, is nothing more than a broken promise and numbers on a computer screen in a bank.

Think about your retirement. Your retirement’s “WORTH” fluctuates by the second (because the dollars worth fluctuates )! What if I were to build a house for you? I take a measurement then ask you to take the same measurement but the lines had all moved.  Say the lines move every time I take a measurement on every board I cut to build your house. The tape measure decides where the fractions should be whenever it feels like. ( The FED ) What would your house look like when it was done? So that number in your bank account?  That number in your retirement account? They are JUST numbers.  Its worth changes, and changes often! I understand it is hard to grasp. What if one day the FED decides your 401k is “worth/value” (those are key word ) five dollars, even though the numbers say its the worth/value is a lot more?  Need I remind you of the “worth/ value” of a loaf of bread in Weimar Germany? Image result for weimar germany hyperinflation

So you may ask, If the dollar is that useless then why is everyone working for it? And, why does every store accept it? Yes we all currently work and use this “money,” but what happens when the FED decides it is worth zero, and they go to a new form of currency? All due to things like hyperinflation, not paying down our debts, and countries dumping their currency. I am positive the FED and our government have thought about this many times.

What do you and others find ” value and worth” in? Gold and silver has been the standard in every country all the way back to Mesopotamian, where the government would pay its army with minted gold and silver. If I go to Russia right now with a ounce of silver, I could buy 1 chicken, rice and potatoes, and a beer. I then go to India, with another ounce of silver and I am sure that piece of silver can buy me 1 chicken, some noodles, and a local drink to go with my meal. My point is, All countries recognize the ” value/ worth” of gold and silver as a universal currency. And its current value is pretty equitable in most countries. More so than the paper that passes as currency.

With the prices of buying a home or rent, food, cars, water, and healthcare going sky high, maybe you should ask yourself, is that home I am paying for “worth” what I am slaving for? Why is it that when I went to the store two weeks ago, a whole chicken cost $5.99. Now it costs $7.50? You could argue supply and demand, but I can also choose not to buy that chicken, but rather find the neighbor who has chickens and trade for what WE think is a good value. I am sure you will be happier with your deal with the neighbor.

It is time to wake up. Yes, I will still work for the dollar so I can pay rent. But, I’m make making moves to walk away and deal with our neighbors and community in trade. We can decide what products and services are ” worth or valued” instead of the FED.


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