Generation Destruction

I have talked many times about how “scho_ls” have systematically brainwashed young adults, but what about the outside groups that “scho_ls” allow to infiltrate and spread their agendas? Oh yes, if your son or daughter is in public “scho_l” or college , they are more than likely targets of many groups who pose as “crisis interventionists” or “therapist“. You start hearing terms from your son or daughter like, ” Toxic masculinity”- (Traditional family roles), “correct pronoun usage”, “safe space”, “acceptance”. Lets not forget the heavy LBGTQ support these groups have. Need not worry! These groups couldn’t be pushing a agenda could they? The funny part is, they get young adults to think they are fighting a narrative, when in fact they are playing into one that emasculates males. Yes, the majority of these things taught are a attack on males, and traditional lifestyles. Could you imagine if a “scho_l” brought groups in to teach Conservative traditionism? The uproar from the opposite opinion would be deafening. So why the one sided agenda driven social issues? Its easy, look no further than the lefts favorite despot Vladimir Lenin.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” – Vladimir Lenin.

This whole breaking the gender norm speak is toxic in its self, A overload of social justice warrior group think sounds like a wonderful utopia when spouted to young adults, but the fact is, this kind of brainwash is so destructive to a persons views of the way it “should be” versus how the world actual works. I can only speak from what I have witnessed, but this kind of thinking originated here in America by a globalist agenda to destroy the family unit. Has it been successful? Well look no further than your own son or daughter,  did they buy the fringe left views? You tell me.

Again, my advice? Balance. Why should young adults be taught just one side? Well it is a narrative that is being sold. It amazes me how conformative this up and coming generation is. Not much independent research, or questioning of what is being fed to them, not a insult, its just they way they have been taught. Get out and talk to these young adults and have a discussion. You will be amazed at the engagement of conversation. The unfortunate part is they are bought, hook line and sinker. Actions speak louder than words. A lot of what is being taught is just simply not compatible to the way human nature is.


Author: The Governor

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