Collision Course

Ever get the sense of impending doom? Something is really brewing in this country, something for which we seem to be on a collision course. The polarization of right versus left is so heightened, I believe there is no shaking hands and moving on together at this point. This is not a fear-based opinion piece, I truly wish we could just rip this bandaid off so we can just get it out of the way. Election 2020 is coming up; this I believe will be the catalyst. The left has yet to rally behind a certain candidate, and the constant clamoring of letting felons vote, letting sixteen-year-olds vote, letting illegal aliens vote, something must be in the works.

War gaming this could drive a person crazy. If  President Trump wins, the left will once again lose their collective minds, hence hardening the hatred they have for the right. Liberals have openly talked about putting conservatives through re-education camps, and Antifa wants to kill conservatives! If Trump wins what will they plan on doing? I can tell you this, their hatred is so deep, you can bet the next liberal president will rain hell down on everything the right holds dear. Is this what our other countrymen have come to? The urge to destroy your neighbors because they believe something other than what you believe?

As I said above, I don’t think we can turn back now. The time to shake hands and walk away has long passed. Could this be attributed to the growing technological stranglehold we are in? Most people have forgotten how to sit down and have a constructive debate/conversation face-to-face.  I witness this on a daily basis with people I work with.  Most prefer to sit behind a screen and tear each other apart. I also attribute a lot of what is going on to the loss of God in this country. The liberals have taken God out of everything to the point where we are spiraling down a road of political correctness, degeneracy, social justice crusading, and self-loathing. I know none of this was by accident. We have deliberately been pitted against one another, made lazy by our chemical-infused diets, and the scrubbing of our history. It is no wonder we are a lost nation. Imagine the day the whole bottom falls out.  The ones that took everything in this country for granted will be constantly reminiscing of a once great country that will never be the same again. Think logically; this could get bad.

Author: The Governor

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