Charges Dropped On Jussie Smollett Case

When this whole story first started I avoided reporting on it due to a feeling I had from the start that this was more than it seemed… I also hate giving these Hollywood types anymore attention than they already have. This is even bigger than a guy who claimed to be attacked by two “white supremacists” and the story flipping to him staging the whole event… No, this is a psyop that went wrong. The shoddy work that this plant ( Smollett ) did exposed his handlers rigged hate crime. Smollett tried to polorize the country even further by faking a hate crime, this is a divide and conquer game. The globalist will do anything to rip this country apart. This time they picked someone to stupid to cover his own tracks, or even buy off white guys to play the part…. Yeah these are the two guys that were supposed to be Trump supporting, MAGA hat wearing racists…

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Lets look at some of the possible handlers/ players in this psyop; Tina Tchen, A Michelle Obama’s chief of staff was texting and making phone calls to Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s office prior to the news we that Smollett was clear of all charges. Kamala Harris has also been spotted mingling with Smollett and was one of the first to jump on the ban wagon of hate that Smollett was pushing after his attack.

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Are you waking up yet?! This is not a new phenomenon, do your research… You have been lied to, made to hate each other, your sense of outrage has been misguided the whole time! Events in this country are, and have been staged to pit  you against your neighbor. This face right here is one of the dirty players… I encourage all of you to look back and question how many times you have turned on the news and were immediately encouraged to feel a certain way because the mainstream media ( Project Mockingbird ) told you to feel enraged! This was deliberately brought out today to change the subject on the flopped Mueller report. See how distracted they can make you? All the media could talk about for the past two years was Russia collusion. As soon as that was a bust, to take heat off of the accusations they had made and the way they made you feel for the past two years, they changed the subject. Think for yourself, question everything… Wake up before its to late…

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