And We Are BACK! has been on a unexpected hiatus. We are back, and full of fire! We are working on making some changes to help improve the site. Also we are looking for contributors! If you are interested in posting your own stories to our site, please email us and we will set up a profile for you! No longer will we will be silent! Even in the face of shady extortion acts, we realized we must have been over the target on one or more stories… We will keep exposing the corruption and systematic dismantling of this great country and the destabilization of the world. Our main mission still stands, we need to unite to defeat these sick people who are pitting us against each other, and who are pushing a new world order and U.N Agendas.

Please share stories from with friend and family, and other social media platforms. Lets get the word out, and run interference on the globalist agenda!

Author: The Governor

Site Founder, Nationalist Conservative. Patriot.

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