11-beta-MNTDC. Male Birth control. Societal Collapse.

There have been major strides to develop a contraceptive for males. The pill called 11-beta-MNTDC, has been cleared in human tests to be “safe.”  According to the Endocrine Society , 40 men were tested with the new drug, “Among men receiving 11-beta-MNTDC, the average circulating testosterone level dropped as low as in androgen deficiency, but the participants reportedly did not experience any severe side effects. Wang said drug side effects were few, mild and included fatigue, acne or headache in four to six men each. Five men reported mildly decreased sex drive, and two men described mild erectile dysfunction, but sexual activity was not decreased, she said. Furthermore, no participant stopped taking the drug because of side effects, and all passed safety tests.” Also here are facts on the declining rate of testosterone in males from the Endocrine Society- The estimated cross-sectional decline in total testosterone level was 0.4% per year of age (95% CI, –0.6% to –0.2%). The longitudinal within-person decline was about 1.6% per year (95% CI, –1.8% to –1.4%). The age-matched time trend was 1.2% lower per year (95% CI, –1.4% to –1.0%).”

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This is beyond troubling on so many levels, but lets just start with the most obvious. American men over the past few generations have had a drastic drop in testosterone! It is ever more obvious with millennial’s and generation Z! The term “Soy Boy” came about during the Obama Administration to describe a feminine male, A male that does not display typical male attributes. You can even see a physical change in these males. Soy is a estrogen mimicker. It seems that this product has found its way into almost all of our processed food supply. Let’s add in our society demonizing a strong male figure. Fathers have been made to look as fools on so many T.V shows, commercials, and movies. Kids in school are being taught ( beaten over the head ) that a male that does not cry and talk about his “feelings” is somehow a “toxic male.” And lastly, back to the 11-“beta”-MNTDC pill… Is this the final nail in the coffin of western men? Could this lower birth rate lead to critical levels? Oh yeah, we are already at critical levels.

Men by nature are the warriors of the tribe. Men are supposed to be physically stronger, have a high sex drive, and are the natural protectors of their family. What if I were to tell you that none of these things I listed above are being done by accident?  Expand your thinking.  We as a nation are being destroyed from within. One of the tools of war is  biological warfare! Guys open your eyes! Put down the soy latte, put the controller for your Call of Duty down! You are being poisoned through food and water, & brainwashed by media and societal virtue signalers! Now they want you to take birth control!

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