Whole Chicken In A Can!

My buddy wanted to give this a try. I bought him a whole canned chicken and here is his review- ” Chicken in a can update: The broth ( greasy water ) took up half of the contents. Chicken was small but was in there! Fully cooked. Sorta messed up by either a machine or strong hands cramming the little feller in there LOL. Lots of broken bones, but the meat was good. Add your own spices to make it a hit. Eating it plain was pretty much a dud. Was it worth $7? In a pinch or if the electricity goes out, its a strong maybe. I wouldn’t recommend stocking 500 cans of this stuff however, maybe a few cans would be nice… Watch out for the bones, de-boning leaves lots of slime… Be good good to have on hand with onions, garlic, mushrooms etc.. Don’t expect a rotisserie quality and you will be fine with trying this.”


Author: The Governor

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