The Woodsman’s Pal

A piece of history revisited! I LOVE THIS KNIFE! After handling a friends woodsman’s pal, and watching a bunch of videos. This is a must have tool for bushcrafters! Originally this was given to our soldiers for ww2, “The Woodman’s Pal was developed by Frederick Ehrsam in 1941, and quickly established itself commercially as a superior tool for the forest or jungle. During World War II the tool was issued to Signal Corps and other soldiers under the nomenclature “Knife LC-14-B” for brush clearing or as a survival tool.” – Wikipedia.

If you just got to have one! Just like me, Good luck! I have searched everywhere for remakes/ brand new ones. Every site I have visited is out of stock! Take a look at the video bellow and comment what you think of this odd shaped knife/ machete tool.

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