Practice Makes Perfect

It is one thing to just hoard things in your bunker or bug out spot, but to actually put your skills and tools to use is different. I went out this last weekend with a few simple common tools – Hatchet, knife, and Duct tape. Drove to my bug out location and decided to build a shelter. I started the frame construction out of maple saplings, making almost a kind of dome tent design. I was lashing the saplings together with Duct tape, which in my mind during a survival scenario I want as much time as possible to collect and gather for other things such as food and firewood. BUT having a decent shelter is a MUST! Therefore that is why I used duct tape, to save time. I then added supports around the belly of the shelter, which shored the frame up. I then decided I needed some spruce bows for the walls, this was something I did not expect to be so difficult. Due to the overgrown forests where I live, the conifers were very tall! To tall to climb. I did end up finding some trees I could cut bows off of, But was unable to find enough to finish. So instead of wasting anymore time I improvised with Fern palms and left over maple leaves.

Now that my shelter was finished, I proceeded to start a fire and then go do a little foraging and fishing. Bellow I found some wild oyster mushrooms. Another good skill to stay up on practice on is plant and mushroom identification.

Practicing improvised shelter building and other survival/ bushcraft skills will only make you feel more comfortable if you find yourself with less than desirable gear.


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