Personal Protection Dog

Military and law enforcement have been using trained dogs to do police work for decades. Its not a new idea to have a personal protection dog, especially if you have a family and you can not always be around personally to protect them. Maybe you are disabled and can not fend off a intruder or attacker. Consider the following as a way to keep you and your family safe without buying expensive security systems, or even calling and waiting for the police to show up in a home invasion scenario. Truly some of the top tier breed picks I would go for are *Belgian Malinois, * German Shepherd, * Rottweiler, * Doberman Pinscher. All breeds have their pluses and minuses, but I believe these breeds are natural defenders of the pack they associate with, or who they consider family.

But my number one favorite would be the Belgian Malinois, It seems the military and police have shifted to this breed over the German Shepherd recently. Malinois seem very agile, and fierce defenders. These dogs are extremely fast runners, and incredibly intelligent. Look for a breeder near you and consider this breed for a personal protection companion. Also make sure you do extensive research on behavior and personality of this breed before you make a decision. They need lots of exercise and a job to keep them busy. Much of what you will want in a personal protection dog will need both you and the dog to go though extensive training, and practice to keep both you and the dog sharp on skills.

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