HoBo Knife- Product Review

A simple tool to have in every car and bug out bag is a HoBo knife. If you were ever in the Boy Scouts, this was a tool that was issued to you along with your hatchet. This little tool is a necessity when it comes to camping. If you are like me when packing, I usually pack all kinds of good food to cook for the first night, like a juicy steak! I tend to pack up all of my spices and sides but forget the fork and knife!

These little pocket knives range in prices and styles, but I have found my favorite brand is the Kay Bar brand of these tools. at a modest price of $16, for stainless steel, and this brand also slides apart into three pieces, so you can use the knife, fork, and spoon independently.  Other brands like Case, have a nice stag handle, but do not come apart into separate utensils.

For the price and durability, I would recommend buying a few of these HoBo knives and distribute them among your bug out bags and in your vehicles. These also may be useful trading stock during a disaster.

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