Got Gas?


During WWII a huge majority of vehicles in all of Europe ran on firewood. Tractors, cars and trucks were converted over to use wood rather than gasoline. Gasifiers were so common place that it was more odd to see a vehicle without a gasifier then it was to see one with in some locations.

Here’s an example of an old school gasifier on a vehicle from that era.

Now this technology is all but forgotten for the average person. When you mention running your car on wood people look at you like you’re crazy. Meanwhile, there are a few companies that actually produce very high tech gasifiers.

The purpose of this article is not to go over the science of producing the latest high tech designs nor to go totally old school, but to land somewhere in the middle. This should allow you to be able to build your own gasifier.  Yes, you have to be kind of handy and if you’re a welder or know someone that is, you’re miles ahead.

Pretty much anyone can build a gasifier if they put their mind to it. Believe it or not. The best source of information on building a gasifier comes from FEMA.

The basic concept remains the same

They have a full manual on how to build one. What I found particularly useful was deciding what size I needed to run my vehicle and Generator. (I have a 1974 scout with a straight 6 and one-barrel carburetor and a 7 KW gen.) If I can run my biggest engine I can run anything smaller. Keep in mind this is for a gasoline engine. NOT DIESEL. Mine will be placed on a small trailer so I can run my vehicle, generator, saw mill or chipper. A pretty good system if you ask me.

Here is the link to download the FEMA gasifier manual

to learn from the guy, I originally got my information from, begin right here:

his name is Joshua Burks and I have found his videos extremely helpful.

So when SHTF you could be the only person that you know with transportation, electricity and a tractor to harvest your crops. A person with this power could write their own ticket in the right scenario.

Now I am not suggesting that you convert over at this time, but with the taxes, cost of fuel and electric it makes you think.


Author: Lance Mock

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