Gold Or Silver? To Stack? Or Not To Stack?

I have had numerous people either tell me to stack gold and silver, or forget it. I believe in having a little on hand in case of a economic crash. Also my thought always was, if I really needed to board a boat out of the country in a scenario, A ounce or two of gold and a little bit of silver to sweeten the deal should get me out of the motherland.

What are your guy’s thoughts on stacking gold and silver? Comment Bellow.

Author: The Governor

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2 thoughts on “Gold Or Silver? To Stack? Or Not To Stack?

  1. I have nothing but silver. The obvious reason is cost. Much easier to decide, in fact JM bullion had minors rounds that were already scribed for quarters. Finish cutting with chisel. You can buy rounds from 1/10th to pounds in bar form. $14 and change right now per ounce. Pretty easy prep and that’s the way I look at it. I don’t invest. A few pounds over time is the way to go.

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