Friends In Low Places! Makin Moonshine!

Distilling… Makes a lot of people cringe.. “its going to make ya go blind!!” Naw, Its not that hard. I have a friend who knows a friend who knew a guy, who made moonshine… First, you can make your own still with some simple around the house stuff. Example being a beer keg, some copper pipe and fittins, some copper tubing and you are looking good! Or maybe your even cheaper! a pressure cooker works great for a still.. You dont need much after that but a rusty ol shed you dont mind hiding in to concoct your experiment.

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Okay, say you want the out of the box kind of deal, Ill tell ya from my research the Colonel’s Copper Stills are the BEST! You are going to spend, 1k at the very least… But you wont be disappointed. These are Cadillac’s of whiskey stills. Anyone else’s stills are in my friends opinion are garbage. Prove him wrong is what he says! He used to make moonshine in Alaska with the FINEST glacier water known to man… As he says, its in the water… WOOOWWEEEE that was some fire water that would warm the coldest of nights…

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Now onto the recipe… My friend of a friends best buddy told me that it aint nothin more than sugar and yeast. Anything else is a flavor adder. So for example that Alaska sour dough would ferment sugar, glacier water, oranges, and jolly ranchers all together. Ya, I let the secret out… But good luck finding glacier water HA! Of course that’s just the jist of it…

Distilling is a excellent skill to know, in a survival situation this could come in handy for trading, making medicine, medicinal cough syrup, rubbing alcohol, gasoline, the options are endless! To be able to trade booze or even rubbing alcohol, would be a hot barter item. Invest in the cadillac, or maybe if your brave, make your own still!

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