Crawfish In Every Stream In The USA

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Looking for a free meal? Well it is pretty simple. Crawfish/crawdads, mudbugs, yabbies, are in nearly every stream in North America! You just need a small know how to, and you will be adding some protein to your survival menu in no time!

Crawfish, a freshwater crustacean inhabits almost any fresh water stream. They feed on dead fish, plants, and fish eggs. They look similar to a lobster, but range in size from 1-9″. They are easily found by turning rocks over in streams and lakes. They can also be found in burrow in the mud near banks.

Crawfish can also be caught using traps that cost around $10 in local sporting good stores, or you can make your own. Use guts of game that you have trapped or hunted, or fish scraps. This is a easy, passive way to gather food during your survival scenarios.

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